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In 1993, we decided to create a translation company specialising in Eastern European languages because we love those countries and share their culture. We have 3 passions: languages, translation and IT. Our passion for the work we do gives our clients the best possible service.

Today, the A2MS team consists of more than 400 translators.

We have been working with our translators for many years, sometimes more than ten, and have a close collaborative relationship with them, similar to what we would develop with "in-house" translators and very different from relationships in large translation offices where translators are mostly anonymous email entities. Our translators and staff are genuine long-time friends and we know we can rely on them to deliver high-quality work within the deadlines.

Our translators are extremely capable of communicating your message accurately and effectively, as they have many years’ experience and only translate into their native language.

A2MS only works with the most highly qualified translators, who must have a minimum of 5 years’ full-time translation experience and/or a Master in translation and must also have thorough knowledge of the IT tools used in our profession. Our quality control is the guarantee of our commitment to excellence on your behalf and the assurance of our good reputation.

We work in languages that are considered 'uncommon' by other translation companies - such as Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Norwegian or Chinese. For us, these languages are part of our everyday life, giving us an extensive and more productive network of contacts and resources in these languages.
We love translating and enjoy our work - we are enthusiastic and pay close attention to the requirements of our clients and are ready to be of service. It is very important that we establish, with our clients, an atmosphere of mutual confidence and respect which helps create a lasting business relationship.